The Golden Team and the Revolution

In October 1956 the Golden soccer team was clearly for the revolution. There were some who used the weapon and there were who spoke up and acted during the revolution of 1956.


In the revolutionary joy the Honvéd team that formed the spine of the Golden team left the country on October 30 to play the European champion Club’s Cup match against the Spanish Bilbao. However the events here at home and abroad changed significantly. While the Soviets were crushing the revolution with tanks and silenced the country, in the free world the Puskás team – after they were completed with the other members of the Golden team – kept expressing their faith in the revolution, they played countless charity matches then finally they took their personal decision: remaining abroad or coming home.


The only Hungarian player of the trip still alive, the goalkeeper Lajos Faragó is recalling and he kept a diary about this legendary tour which lasted for more than 6 months.