Remembering - in preparation

Racing of the artificial intelligence and the human brain.

The starting moment of the scientific Memory film consists of the revolutionary discovery of the Hungarian researchers meaning the route of the memory traces between the hippocampus to the frontal lobe that is the way of forming of the human memory that differentiates us from the mammals. The Hungarian scientists realised this in 2016. This was a huge step forward in understanding the functioning of human memory  which is the key of our thinking. 

In parallel we would like to present the Google’s DeepMind project where there was a breakthrough in March 2017 when with the Google’s Artificial intelligence – with an algorithm ('elastic weight consolidation - EWC) – they managed that the artificial intelligence is able to recall and in this way the performance capacity of artificial intelligence can be multiplied. In this way the singularity got in acceptable proximity according to which the artificial intelligence reaches or even exceeds the level of human intelligence. Based on this the modern and well-known futurist Ray Kurzweil says that by the 2030 years the humankind can get transformed into a hybrid species, our brain can get connected through nanobots directly to the data-cloud, and our thinking will be partly mechanical.

For many of us this future is exciting but there are many techno-pessimists who are afraid of this vision.

What challenges and threats can the digital future encounter?