Imre Nagy of Transdanubia - Portrait Film of Attila Szigethy

On August 12, 1957 in the corridor of the military hospital in Győr, tricking his guards a young 45-year old politician jumped from the second floor. This was his third suicide attempt and this time he did not survive.

But who was this man to whom a few months before his death the Kádár group offered a ministerial position, who was taken to Bulgaria with the delegation of the Patriotic people front, whom Kádár wanted to win over at any rate? Who was good friend of István Dobi, Ferenc Erdei and Péter Veres? Who instead of the comfortable and luxurious life opted for the fate of his country, and became a hero instead of a traitor?

In our documentary film we are recalling him, the Trans-Danubian National Council and its martyr leaders about whom there are less memories because of the events in the capital.