Following our Father

This movie is about baron Ede Atzél the young Hungarian politician who was born in 1906 and disappeared in December 1944.

Atzél represented the case of Transylvania and the Hungarian without compromise between the two world-wars, he had a significant role in organising the social, economic and cultural life and the protection of the Hungarians living in minority. He did not know how to make compromises. He did not cooperate with the communists and the Nazis either. 

Since his disappearance in 1944 we have not known anything sure about him.

The disappeared baron left 6 orphans and the new dictatorship was not merciful to them.

His youngest son Ferenc Atzél is already 75 years old and he never forgot to find the traces of his father and even if he does not find him alive he tried to provide the final funeral rites. He has been looking for his father and searching for his memory for 70 years. 

Our film is presenting his research and tries to recall the memory of the politician and family who did not deserve to be forgotten.

  • release date: 2018
  • Languages: Hungarian, English